Send bills to committee and end gerrymandering


State College

It’s time to call the Republican Leadership’s chest-pounding protestations over gerrymandering for what they are: Partisan hypocrisy. This is their third attempt to draw a map that can pass constitutional muster. All three have failed. Gentlemen, please read the Pennsylvania Constitution regarding this matter.

The Pennsylvania map is so bad that hundreds of randomly generated maps have been more fair. Fairness is so simple that a group of middle school students in Westtown, Pennsylvania, drew better maps for an 8th grade math assignment.

Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of being the most gerrymandered state in the union. Legislation that can remedy this problem is being held up in committee by Daryl Metcalfe (R), Butler, and in the Senate by Mike Folmer (R), Lebanon, while House Speaker Mike Turzai proclaims, “You should not be drawing a map based on quote-unquote competitiveness.”

Well, Speaker Turzai, an election is when voters choose their leaders from a FULL slate of candidates. Politicians choosing their voters is the opposite of free elections.

These “leaders,” along with state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, need to free up HB722 and SB22, respectively, so they can receive a free and fair floor vote. No more delays.

They’re afraid because these bills have support.

The leadership’s protests ring hollow when solutions are being strangled in committee.

All party leaders need to realize that they need to relinquish control over elections to voters, where it belongs, and get on with their real job of making government work for all of us.