Shame on us!


Lock Haven

I was going to write a letter about the shooting in Florida.

17 lives lost.

But I am writing about the students who are taking a stand … not just in Florida but across the United States.

Thank you for your courage and your determination.

I watch these young kids on TV giving statements and demanding change. Ready to take on what comes their way. Demanding lawmakers to do the right thing.

And then I look at us, the older, the wiser, the smarter, with no spine generation, SHAME ON US.

We are so content to let things go. Ready to buy more guns, ready to arm our teachers and school personel. Ready for someone else to take care of things, shame on us.

We need to stand with the young people, our kids and grandkids and say “enough”, “no more”.

Help them change the gun laws, speak out, vote. Let’s show our kids that we still have courage and can not be bought off.

Let’s show them that our kids and grandkids are more important than our guns.