The people have a voice


Mill Hall

We live by a system of rules and laws. As we move forward on our path to end gerrymandering, there are events that are worrisome.

We have been challenged by Pennsylvania Sen. Joe Scarnati to end our efforts and the court involvement because it is too costly. The senator suggests that we should follow a more amicable approach of simply working together. Without a doubt, this has been costly. But equally without doubt is the refusal of our state senator and other state officials to even meet with us.

The League of Women Voters has been trying to work amicably since 1991.

That method is not working, Sen. Scarnati. As far back as 1989, Ronald Reagan was charging that gerrymandering is a national scandal and people are not being heard. The courts are the only recourse when elected officials are not responsive. So the great expense falls directly on those who refuse to represent a significant body of people. Once elected, you don’t just get to do whatever you want to do.

The people have a voice in it and they are speaking.