Time for change


State College

As a politician, it’s fine that our congressional representative, Glenn Thompson, has his picture taken at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and that he shows up at special events held at Grice’s Gun shop in Clearfield.

However, as a congressman, Thompson refuses to hold live town hall meetings to talk in person with his constituents.

He has questioned the process of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering.

As our representative, Glenn Thompson supported the recent tax bill, which may give short-term bonuses to working Americans, but will give long-term multi-billion dollar tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy. Thompson has been in office too long.

It is time for a change. Marc Friedenberg, a new candidate for the 5th Congressional District, is an educator and lawyer.

He is not a politician, but a well-informed, sincere individual who will offer new ideas and energy as our representative in Washington. For the future, join me in voting for Marc.