What is Fair Districts PA?


Lock Haven

Fair Districts PA (FDPA) is a non-partisan citizen’s group.

They work to end politically driven redistricting known as gerrymandering. Fair Districts PA represents ALL voters and not a particular political party.

FDPA would like an independent citizen’s commission to draw new voting districts in a way to remove politics from this process. This citizen’s commission will not be allowed to utilize voter information or voter records of past elections when they draw new voting districts. The commission will base the new voting districts on geography and population not political affiliation. These citizens may not have any vested political interests including, having held an elected office, hoping to run for office or being married to an elected official.

The process we have now is managed by a partisan commission which intentionally creates districts, often with extremely divided communities and borders. Pennsylvania is one of the most gerrymandered states in our country. We need to draw fair district lines that reflect real communities.

With gerrymandering, politicians pick their voters. With an independent commission, the voters will pick their politicians. We need to make every vote count.

If you would like to learn more about this, contact Fairdistrictspa.com.