What we want, what we work for, what we get

W e want America to be great.

We always want that.

Don’t all Americans?

No matter where you fall in the spectrum of political opinion in these United States of America, we believe President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night contained some inspiring ideals.

Yes, President Trump tweets divisive messages and bullies people with his tirades.

But the State of the Union is partially about the president bringing forth new policies and initiatives, and has a lot to do with reframing the debate over key issues.

We prefer the glass half full.

In that respect, from our small, unscientific survey of readers, President Trump got an “A” Tuesday night on at least one issue: Immigration reform.

This could have been said by any president and we believe it would still gain approval from most Americans:

“My duty, and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities, and their right to the American dream,” Trump said. “Because Americans are Dreamers too.”

Not long after the November 2016 election, we began thinking, “Donald Trump is the wrong person at the right time.”

We still think that.

So we’re going to focus on “the right time” … that is, the historic message that voters in the November 2016 election sent to politicians that they had better start listening and truly serving the American people, not working for personal political gain or simply espousing what’s “politically correct.” Here goes:

We’re tired of giving millions of dollars to foreign countries who do nothing to little to stamp out terrorism or fight radical, violent religious fundamentalism.

We’re tired of giving millions of dollars to countries led by dictators.

We’re tired of Congress and the President not developing comprehensive immigration reform that operates on the basis that any foreigners who seek to become American citizens should have to earn it … in some way or another.

We’re tired of watching the can get kicked down the road on so many issues.

We’re tired of everything having to be “politically correct.”

We’re tired of career politicians.

We’re tired of government waste.

We want citizen politicians — people who serve the public on a part-time basis and work other jobs for a livelihood.

No one should get free higher education; they should have to pay for it or earn it to some extent or another.

We want the kind of welfare reform that forces those who are on it but can work to lose it if they don’t work.

The wrong guy is bringing out the right ideals because the same old lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have failed time and again to listen to Americans.

Finally … we want people to use their turn signals.

Get it?