Young voters hold the key to gun control



I settled in the other night to watch the Olympics on TV, but instead found myself grappling with the news of yet another deadly school shooting.

As a retired teacher, I grieve over the senseless slaughter of innocent students and teachers in America’s schools.

I watched Parkland students address the news media and the nation about their horrific ordeal. The students pleaded to our legislators to stop the sale of assault rifles and demonstrated more wisdom and bravery than many of our current congressional members!

This generation of 18-year-olds–the kids who grew up practicing “lockdown” drills–holds the key to ending the NRA’s mad grip on our country. They need to register to vote! Their voting block matters!

The news images of students running from their school, is a vision I will never forget. End the sale of assault-style rifles and provide help for those exhibiting dangerous and volatile behavior.

This generation of young people has seen too much, which makes them uniquely effective, and fearless, in forcing a dialogue about gun violence that is long overdue.

I am inspired by our Olympic athletes and by the teenagers in Florida. As a member of Marc Friedenberg’s Congressional campaign committee, I encourage parents, teachers, coaches–all of the most influential people in our teenager’s lives–to get them to register to vote! Their vote has the power to make change!