Control what?



The recent school shooting now has everyone clamoring for solutions.

Obviously, gun control is the topic, but I believe this is not a total solution.

Why? Because if there is a will, there is a way.

The so-called assault rifle, or AR15/M-16, is sometimes felt to be the culprit.

But the firearm does not pull its own trigger, it is the person holding the weapon, regardless of whether that person has the mindset for training, gun education, self-protection or some dangerous purpose.

As a federal firearm licensed dealer, I believe it may be that some improvement in U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulations is needed.

Case in point: Firearms dealers are regulated and yet, the public can go to any flea market on a Sunday and buy a weapon off the table without any background paperwork at all.

I fault the government regulators for this one. Changing age requirements to 21 may be a consideration, but we cannot forget that this means nothing when a person’s exposure to firearms has not been reasonably structured. It is absolutely idiotic to let a youth or adult possess firearms without some form of proper introduction, display of competency, and proper respect. Unfortunately, there are legitimate purchases of firearms occurring with the purchaser knowing nothing more than what they have been taught by their guardians, or lack thereof! Excuse me, I forgot hunter education.

Remember, society and parenting have changed.

Sometimes parents know nothing and pass on nothing. Some regulation modification and education may help, but they are not a total solution.

Also, any enforcement of rulemaking is only as strong as its weakest link. We see examples every day of there being a rule, but some database forgot to tell another, or someone failed to do their job properly.

There is always a lot of ineptness present in most any social system … that is a given!

After some thought, I would think screening methods used at public buildings and airports may be the way to go. Yes, it is added expense to budgets, but dollars wasted on municipal “pork barrel” projects, based on political expectations, or reckless governmental giveaways could be diverted to making schools safer.

As stated, the methods could be those currently in practice at federal buildings, ports of entry, etc. I say this as the tools for destruction of human lives are many. Murderers can use many different methods, not just a gun. It is very unfortunate, but students in today’s world need to be screened at the door for a variety of dangerous items. Hopefully, officials at the front door get the word from the administration or teacher that a student has been suspended or is troubled. Hopefully, a competent mental health professional is insightfully involved with a troubled student.

Arming teachers is a consideration, but a proper response is based on a cool personality.

Look around and figure out who will get emotional and who will not.

Also, we do not want a classroom to end up in a firefight. Can we ensure proper target engagement without collateral damage of innocents?

I believe a solution is to stop them at the door.

Again, where there is a will, there is a way.

Automobiles plunging into public gatherings is on the rise, and homemade-manmade explosives are, too. Using an unsecured point of entry is still possible.

Remember, there are people in prisons who get a weapon from outside the walls. As one can see, it is not always the so-called assault weapon.

We need to police our ranks.