Doctors’ Day 2018



Saving lives. Comforting families. Shaping the future of medicine.

These are just a few of the amazing things doctors are doing in our neighborhoods and around the world, every day.

Being a doctor may not always be easy and the path is a long one. Our patients entrust us with much, and as such, we earn tremendous responsibilities. We choose to be doctors because we care, and it’s the only career that allows us to use our talents and time to benefit so many people. In return, we get to share the greatest and most challenging life experiences with our patients and their families.

We have the honor of serving as healers, guides and confidants.

We are granted the ultimate level of trust from those we serve, and yet we receive the greatest gifts – helping babies to be born, children to grow, wounds to heal, lives to improve and hope to emerge.

On National Doctors’ Day, tomorrow, Friday, March 30, please join me in thanking doctors everywhere for serving their communities in so many ways. And join me in urging the talented young people of today to pursue the calling to care. It’s the best job – and gift – they could ever receive.

(Jaewon Ryu, M.D., J.D., is executive vice president and chief medical officer of Geisinger Health.)