Reports are showing the lavish spending of Donald Trump’s department heads. Charter flights, first class flights on major airlines to avoid the nasty people in business class.

One even got a special flag to indicate when he is in the building. Extra security measures for them. Purchasing a $31,000 dining set for Ben Carson’s use at HUD and spending $165,000 for lounge chairs for HUD.

They are cutting funding to aid people but our government officials under President Trump dine, fly and sit well.

What is next for the elitist under Trump? Personal chefs and trainers?

We have found out that over 100 people working in the White House do not have proper security clearances. Remember when having a private server by a government official was alarming to Republicans? Remember when candidate Trump said he would hire the very best people? Where are they? So far they are expensive and lack security clearance. The costs from this administration are climbing.