Lock Haven

Hi, to everyone who is following this rollercoaster of an issue! We have seen some unfair practices and political doings that bring shame to both parties for having participated in such self-serving behaviors.

When the dust finally settles, I believe that we all will be better off. In the meantime, our congressman has been transplanted. This leaves many unhappy, but it is the price citizens are left to pay when injustices are corrected. We can never let such blatantly unconstitutional redistricting occur again.

If you have been stung by the recent map corrections, then join us in demanding that a new system be put in place. Speak out for an end to map drawing behind closed doors and data mining for the best advantage. Join the local Fair Districts Pa Team and hundreds of others on April 16 in Harrisburg for the “Reclaiming Democracy Rally” at the Capitol Building. Tell our state legislators that we want an independent citizens commission which is open to the public, devoid of political ties, and one that complies with the constitutional definition of fair districts. If we have enough interest, an affordable bus will be made available for those who don’t want to drive. Please go to to sign up. Once you are on their web page, go to “take action” and then to “events.” This event is open to the public and is free of charge. Please join us.