Hope for the future? If we last that long



A ray of hope in the darkness of hopelessness, despair, and evil. The nation’s young people, especially the articulate survivors of the Parkwood massacre, show more commonsense, wisdom, compassion and American spirit than the so-called adults in power, who are more concerned with party than country, power and might than right.

The majority of Americans, even including gun owners, are not trying to ban guns. They are trying find a way to respect the 2nd Amendment (which is only one small part of or American rights) and respect the right of all Americans to feel safe in their homes, neighborhoods, schools and country.

They realize that there is no legitimate reason for a civilian to own assault weapons and enough ammo to blow up a medium-sized country. They favor reasonable restrictions on gun availability and ownership and better background checks and mental health support.

The disciples of the NRA at all levels of government continue to willingly spout that organization’s illogical, short-sighted, and self-serving line, that “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.”

Yes, a gun is just an object until someone picks it up, loads it, and pulls the trigger, but guns, especially assault weapons, have one purpose — to murder as many as possible as quickly as possible and if they weren’t so easily available, the carnage would be less. Regulation, registration, education, background checks including mental health screening all need to be included in a real solution. It is time for our ‘leaders’ make the American promise a reality for all, to remember that it is “We, the People” they serve, and to start doing the job we elected them to do, or this country will not survive long enough for the fulfillment of this country’s promise.