Keystone Central


Lock Haven

I evidently missed the appointment of Dr. Alan Lonoconus as superintendent of Keystone Central School District? After reading the article on March 22, “CC Partnership, school district join hands,” it sounds like Keystone Central School Board President Charles Rosamilia and the good doctor have already arrived at a contract agreement.

To the school board, I say, “not so fast, my friends.”

Dr. Lonoconus is quoted as saying, “We want to show you what you are getting for your buck.” Many good things are happening in the schools, although high test scores aren’t one of them…

So if it isn’t high test scores, just what is it that we’re getting for “our buck?’

His solution is to close Dickey Elementary and increase taxes.

Now that’s thinking outside the box.

He seems to be proud of having another deficit at another school district where he raised taxes for three years, but kept them the same for Year 4.

Evidently, in his local travels here, he didn’t hear from any taxpayers who have had enough.

I suggest he go back out and meet some taxpayers.

He also says, “Our biggest cost is people,” but he still wants to raise taxes. Throwing more money at it has fixed nothing.

Keep in mind, all these new school board members ran on getting the budget under control.

I may have missed it, but I don’t recall one of them talking of raising taxes.

As a taxpayer, I hereby request that you terminate Lonoconus’ $500-a-day contract and immediately withdraw his application for superintendent.

We don’t need any more superintendents who only know how to raise taxes.