Liberal logic



If the following statements make sense to you then you just might be a liberal:

1. I don’t want more money in my paycheck or a larger tax refund because somebody else is getting back more than I am.

2. A Pennsylvania Congressional map, created and voted on and approved by both Republicans and Democrats, is what I consider gerrymandering but a map created and imposed on the voters of Pennsylvania by four liberal Democrat judges is perfectly fine with me.

3. It is okay for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to pay millions of dollars to Christopher Steele to get dirt from the Russians on Donald Trump and then use that unverified information to get a FISA warrant in order to spy on private U.S. citizens associated with the Trump campaign. Yet I still believe, without any evidence, that Trump colluded with the Russians.

4. I don’t mind millions of immigrants currently residing in this country illegally, trying to influence our elections by staging protests and marches so long as they are not illegal Russian immigrants.

5. I don’t mind giving up Constitutional rights so long as it does not affect me or anything I own.

6. I don’t want a border wall even though it may help prevent many illegal drugs, such as heroin, from pouring through our southern border.

7. Even though nobody denies that the climate has been changing since the beginning of time, if somebody demands proof that recent climate change can be attributed to mankind’s pollution, just call them “climate change deniers” when you lack any facts to debate them.