Model for safe schools needs to be universal



I have a draft proposal for consideration regarding providing for safer schools.

What I am proposing is a Pennsylvania model. If it works, I am hoping other states will utilize it.

1. The best solution for providing a safe school environment would best come from the local communities to be adapted for each community in their legislative district. This would occur similarly in each legislative district.

2. The best model would take six months minimum to do it best.

3. Each community in the Pennsylvania legislative district would sponsor and recruit volunteer participants to form a committee. To be workable, the size of the committee needs to be manageable to enable a quality of operation. In addition, each committee must have a competent recording secretary to take minutes at each meeting to be transcribed for presentation to the committee members at the beginning of each subsequent meeting, as well as archiving them for future reference and sharing with the public in an appropriate forum such as the news media.

4. The committees should be committed to meeting once a week for four consecutive weeks. There also should be copies of minutes provided for any media. Each community would be responsible for providing an appropriate meeting area for those meetings to occur. The public should be encouraged and welcomed to attend as observers only.

5. A fifth meeting would be held to compare notes of the four previous meetings to provide a synopsis of how far the meetings have progressed.

6. The sixth week would be a meeting consisting of three or four representatives of each community that formed a committee in that legislative district to share each group’s minutes for those committee representatives to garner ideas, concepts and challenges that they may not have considered in their own groups’ meetings.

7. Their mission at the sixth week’s meeting would be to develop a summary by category of the ideas, challenges and conclusions noting what number of groups came up with similar ideas and also which, if any, may have been unique to a lesser number of committees.

8. The above would occur in each legislative district. Then, the commonwealth would sponsor a weekend meeting of three to five representatives from each legislative district at an appropriate facility of cleanliness and comfort rather central to the commonwealth, such as the Bryce Jordan Center.

There should be no secrets as the program progresses in anticipating the press’s participation, sharing their learning with the public. After this model is presented, it is hoped that each of the 50 states and the U.S. territories would participate in similar proceedings in their respective territories.