The way out of the gerrymandering woods


Lock Haven

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently drew up a new voting districts map that has largely improved upon the former gerrymandered map which was anything but fair and compact, as our Constitution dictates. But we’re not out of the woods yet.

Passage of Senate Bill 22 would strengthen our Constitution by allowing for an independent citizens’ redistricting commission, representing all parties, to draw the map. Only this will assure a lasting, non-partisan solution.

SB22 has strong Senate support that’s almost evenly split between the two political parties. About one-third of Pennsylvania senators have co-sponsored it, while more than half of the House members have supported a companion bill. Although the bill is currently mired in committee, Senator Mike Folmer of Lebanon County has agreed to put it on the agenda for debate. Hopefully, it will then move forward, finally making each of our votes count.

To date, Senate co-sponsors are Mario Scavello (R), Lisa Boscola (D), Patrick Browne (R), Judy Schwank (D), John Blake (D), Andrew Dinniman (D), Daylin Leach (D), Anthony Williams (D), John Rafferty (R), Thomas McGarigle (R), Richard Alloway (R), Christine Tartaglione (D), Camera Bartolotta (R), John Yudichak (D), Art Haywood (D), Lawrence Farnese (R), Wayne Fontana (D), Robert Tomlinson (R), Vincent Hughes (D) and Thomas Killion (R).