To Keystone school board


Lock Haven

Let me start off saying I’ve never written a letter to the editor , but I feel now is the time!

I’m asking the school board to please not “kick the can down the road.”

It’s time that you take a stand now!

Discontinue the Pre-K program.

Close Dickey Elementary School.

Don’t refinance the outstanding debt. Refinancing the debt only adds a minimum of $300,000 to the taxpayer.

Do the cuts that need to be done, even if it hurts!


Because you don’t think twice about raising our taxes, which hurts we the taxpayer!

You’re spending our money!

The teachers aren’t willing to help with the problem, which I can’t blame them because current and past board members spent our money like there was no bottom to the barrel.

Guess what?

We’re at the bottom!

So what will you do?

Ask the taxpayers for more money without doing the cuts that need to be done?

Make the cuts!

Once the bond issues are paid off in three years, you say things will be better.

We’ll see! As long as you, the school board, don’t start spending like there is no bottom to the barrel again!

Maybe things will get better?