Pa. Democrats embrace socialist policies


Trout Run

With John Fetterman, an avowed socialist, now the running mate of incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf, The Huffington Post has dubbed Wolf “the most liberal governor in America.”

To me, that means state Democrats are running the most extreme, left-wing ticket they have ever nominated in Pennsylvania.

During a recent campaign visit to Pittsburgh, the socialist U.S. senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, heaped praise on Fetterman. So the Pennsylvania Democrats find themselves captive of their party’s most extreme elements precisely at a time the socialist agenda is becoming more and more apparent to voters.

Conservatives belief in equality of opportunity rather than outcome is proving to be successful.

This makes the left’s warm embrace of socialistic polices an electoral minefield for Pennsylvania Democrats as the November election approaches.

This puts the sure bet of a Wolf win in November in doubt. Some thing to consider when voting in November: If you feel strongly about this gubernatorial race, I urge you to get out and vote in November. No time to be complacent. Your vote counts.