An open letter to parents, grandparents and guardians


North Bend

It’s okay.

I see the terror, the uncertainty in your eyes as you look up at me for some sign of reassurance.

I watch as your fingertips let go of this precious, precious little person you have guarded so well.

I see the concern in your eyes as you watch them board this huge yellow bus that is taking them away from your ever-watchful, loving eyes.

It’s okay. I will guard them like they were my own.

Having also gone through the game, I will speak reassuring to them, smile at them, and explain the rules so no one gets hurt.

I will watch out for bullies.

I will see that they stay seated so those small little legs that can’t quite touch the floor don’t get bruised in a fall.

I will watch out for cars, for deer, for dogs, for any obstacle that might mean I have to brake.

I am well trained.

I went through many hours of on-and-off road training. I sat through classes for safety and driving … every year.

Yes, I will make mistakes.

I am human.

Forgive me if it takes me a while to remember their name. I have 72, maybe 82 other students to remember.

But I will … I will. And they will grow, they will learn, and I will grow to love them.

Just like my own.

Your school bus driver, Darlene Wills.