Conservatives are losing ground in United States



Most people know little or nothing about the legendary Mexican General Santa Anna, who wiped out a small band of heroic American fighters at the Alamo during the Mexico-American War of 1846-48.

His real name was Antonio Lopez Santa Anna, born 1794. Liberal American public educators have done a dishonorable masking of real American history — in short, rewritting American history for reasons of political correctness.

Even though Santa Anna is long dead, he is a legendary icon in his native country of Mexico. My perception is the ghost of Santa Anna is still alive in the hearts of today’s activist state and federal judges who don’t support the constitution of the United States of America and are willing to debunk the spirit of this outstanding document.

Today, these judges and activist lawyers are all for sending illegals from South America across the southern borders of the United States and doing everything to thwart President Donald Trump on returning these illegals back to Mexico.

The scheme is a brilliant one for parents to send their children across the border, creating a major dilemma for our legal system.

As I see it, we conservatives who love our country are losing the battle to the liberals, independents and socialists.

Politically, the Democratic-Socialist Party will emerge as the controlling party and a socialistic government.