After just reading the Aug. 25 letter to the editor, “McCarthy’s apprentice” by David Bross, I couldn’t help but wonder, does any one else reading these letters see just how twisted liberals like David Bross are to actually accuse our great President Trump of McCarthyism?

So far as I’m concerned, it took an outsider such as Trump to expose all the crookedness in D.C. that we would not have ever known about had Hillary Clinton had won the election in 2016.

President Trump has exposed the main stream media for what they really are: A bias, liberal socialist infection on all of us. “Fake news” is an understatement.

Even before the 2016 election, during the primaries, after watching Donald Trump’s campaign rallies I would then watch the network news and they would twist Trump’s words around so as to mean something that he did not.

The media must think that the viewing public needs to be told what they heard and can’t think for themselves.

When President Trump calls people ”thugs,” or “morons” or ”dogs,” I say he is right … that is, of those whom he speaks.

The President is not politically correct, and thank God for that! After all the corruption that has come to light in our nation’s capital in the last year to tarnish Trump’s presidency and actually sabotage his efforts and agenda by the crooked FBI, the Justice Department and Obama, David Bross would like for all of the readers of this newspaper to not believe that there is indeed — as President claims — a “deep state” and a “swamp.”

Instead, David Bross resorts to claiming that Trump is carrying on the legacy of Joseph McCarthy, which is totally false in my book.

After all I have seen lately, I know President Trump is 100 percent correct.

So, David Bross, peddle your liberal propaganda somewhere else.