Another election cycle, another round of Democrat advertisements trying to scare seniors into believing their opponents will take away their Medicare.

The truth is, seniors should be concerned about Medicare, but not because of anything Republicans are doing.

The current financial health of Medicare is failing, and the United States is nearly unable to pay for our obligations to the program.

Last year, we paid $702 billion on Medicare – 15 percent of total federal spending and a 65 percent increase over what was spent in 2017. Costs are expected to increase annually, and the Medicare Trust Fund is expected to be depleted by 2026, years earlier than previously expected.

Democrats who said, “you can keep your doctor” and “the average family will save $2,500 on their premiums” under Obamacare are now advancing legislation that I believe will completely blow up the system and empty our wallets – Medicare for all.

Kenneth Thorpe, the chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management of Emory University, examined the costs for Medicare for all. His study found it would cost approximately $2.5 trillion per year three.

If we struggle to pay the bill on Medicare for only some of us at $702 billion per year, how will we afford Medicare for all of us at $2.5 trillion per year?

Will the quality of care seniors receive go down if we add everyone to the Medicare system?

If we do this, how will we avoid health care rationing?

Those are the real Medicare questions seniors should be asking Democrats in Congress.

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