Pro life



I just finished reading Charles Reeder’s Sept. 3 letter to the editor, ”Who is pro-life?” and I had to laugh.

Mr. Reeder, just like the rest of the left-wing liberals, tries to paint a negative picture of conservatives’ efforts by twisting the facts and issues to suit their agenda.

Yes Mr. Reeder, Republicans are truly pro-life. Republicans may support cuts in federal programs for children if there is excessive waste in those programs or if said programs just weren’t working like they were intended.

And yes again Mr. Reeder, we support the separation of children from their supposed parents when they are caught crossing the border illegally. That is temporarily until they can verify true paternity. Until then, the children should be temporarily housed in clean facilities with free medication, food, clothing (if needed), schooling and protection from the “coyotes” who exploit untold numbers of children that make it across our border and are never seen again, much less be re-united with their parents again … ever.

Where is the public outcry from liberals on the left for our service personnel who are separated from their children for months at a time ?

Where is the public outcry from the liberal left for the separation of children from convicted criminals that are sentence for years (some for life)?

It happens every day to legal citizens in this country. Where is the public outcry from you people on the liberal left for the family members of legal U.S.A. citizens who have been murdered by these illegals who were smuggled across the border when they were children?

Yes, you are the typical left wing liberal, Mr. Reeder. You fog up the facts just enough to spin them to suit your cause.

So, since many Democrats still support abortion (especially at taxpayer’s expense ) and only want the illegals with children solely for their votes, then it is quite obvious that Republicans are the ones who are truly pro-life.