Armed citizens



Pittsburgh’s gun-controlling Democratic mayor, Bill Peduto, said, “armed guards in synagogues, mosques, and churches are not the answer after 11 Jews were murdered and 6 wounded including four police officers at the “gun free” Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh by a psychopathic maniac who shouted “all Jews must die.”

In the U.S., about 50 percent of hate crimes are against the 6 million Jews in our population of 325 million, and there is no way 850,000 police can nor are they required to protect individuals from personal harm.

The murderer had 20 minutes to commit this carnage before the police arrived, and only armed individuals at the facility could have reduced or even prevented those senseless deaths.

Example: Recently an armed citizen with his sons was leaving a McDonalds in Birmingham, Ala., when a masked gunman walked in and started shooting. He returned the fire and killed the offender. He and a son was wounded with non-threatening injuries but his quick response demonstrates how an armed “first defender” was able to save many people from being murdered before the police could respond.

All Jewish adults should join “Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership,” and learn how to defend themselves so they never again become helpless victims to anti-Jew haters. Membership in JPFO is open to all. In my opinion, a recommended book for reading is, Death by Gun Control, The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament,” by Aaron Zelman, the deceased JPFO founder, and attorney Richard W. Stevens.

President Trump said the psychopathic murderer should be executed quickly since there was no question about his guilt. I agree, but the quickest and most efficient method to execute confirmed killers would be by a five-man firing squad, with one shooting a blank so none would know who was actually firing a live round.

This would be cheap and quick, and would leave no botched executions since some have taken as long as two minutes to an half-hour before lethal drugs took affect and the offender died. Utah has executed three by a firing squad and the last one was in 2010. Oklahoma maintains it as a secondary method if lethal injections drugs are unavailable. Several southern states are also considering utilizing the firing squad. Even liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, said, “Firing squads would be the way to go for they would be safe, reliable and sane.” This would eliminate the difficulty in securing lethal drugs and save taxpayers millions of dollars in legal appeals while waiting for executions, which can be delayed for years.