Trump supporters



Dear Donald Trump supporters, let me try to explain this. You may think that going after your political opponents is a good thing. Now, I’m not saying that people who have done something wrong shouldn’t be held accountable, but, so far, Hillary Clinton has not been proven to have done anything wrong, like it or not, and the same can be said for James Comey.

By going after your political opponents, you’re opening the door for him or any other person in power to go after anybody they don’t agree with.

You could say that is one of many ways to define a dictatorship.

I realize you think Trump is an American and would do the right thing, as Americans do. I urge you to take two steps back and honestly look at the Trump presidency. I understand looking at something honestly is a very difficult thing to do.

I am not saying Donald Trump is guilty of anything. The proof hasn’t been presented yet, but to be in complete denial of what is happening in this country is insanity.

If things continue as they are, one day we will be walking by our version of dead bodies in Auschwitz, as we made the German people do at the end of World War II. For the dim-witted ones out there, let me just say that was a metaphor that wasn’t to be taken literally.

The news, Information and education is not our enemy — ignorance is!

That and blind loyalty.