After the election


State College

The election is over, and if you’re like me, when you saw the results you felt like Winston Churchill when he was told that the evacuation from Dunkirk was a complete success, and the army was home. Now we have a fighting chance.

It’s good to remember this is only the start and that there are more battles ahead. But we got the army back.

Many of us were disappointed, but we should not be. We should have realized that this is a heavily Republican area. The important battle was redistricting, and we won that one. Pennsylvania sent several new blue congressmen and women to DC, even if none was from our district.

And what are we to do in our district? Do we give up? No, the issues Marc Friedenberg and Susan Boser ran on (Ezra Nanes and Erin McCracken, too) will not go away. There are people with problems looking for solutions. Yes, we offered them, but BEFORE THE ELECTION, when it was easy to dismiss them as political propaganda. Yet the solutions exist. People must learn that renewable energy is good for their pocketbook, that broadband is crucial for economic development, and that ending the opioid epidemic is critical to our future.

Once voters realize there are solutions–that they do have options–they’ll start demanding them from their representatives, and they’ll have less patience with representation that fails them.

Just remember, it will be a long slog.

Same as Churchill, when he got his army back.