Green house gases and how they work


Trout Run

The most vilified Green House Gas (GHG) is carbon dioxide (CO2), as this benign gas is an unavoidable product of fossil fuel combustion.

Activists seem to not know that human production of CO2 is less than 5 percent of that contributed by nature and, regardless, the primary GHG in our atmosphere is actually water vapor. A single water molecule absorbs over twice the heat of a CO2 molecule and there are 70 times as many water molecules in our atmosphere than CO2 molecules from all sources, according to my research.

Thus, atmospheric water absorbs 140 times (2 times 70) the heat of atmospheric CO2. Since water vapor varies hugely, from a trace to about 4 percent of the atmosphere, it dwarfs the impact of changes in CO2, which, at 0.04 percent, has negligible impact on our climate, according to my research.

That’s why I believe that man-caused climate change advocates do not want to talk about water for obvious reasons.

From a confirmed denier.