The mad dash to the next presidential election has already started and it seems like half the Democrats in the country want to run. This is a very important election.

Turtleman, that’s Mitch McConnell, not the guy who goes swimming after snapping turtles, has already threatened to eliminate Medicare and Social Security to pay for the tax cut for the rich. Donald is putting the screws to the economy with his tariffs. The stock market is a bubble caused by corporate buybacks financed by the tax cut and a lot of farmers who haven’t harvested their soybeans may have to eat them for Christmas dinner. With GM leaving town it’ll be a sparse yuletide in Ohio and Michigan.

People fell for Donald’s line because they don’t trust politicians. People who want the job often want it for the power or opportunities it brings. Maybe we should draft someone who doesn’t want the job. The draft was good enough to send many of my friends to ‘Nam; maybe it’s time to draft someone to the White House.

We would need someone who understands the law and the constitution and won’t waste their time or the court’s. Someone with a moral compass who won’t spend time in the mud with the pigs who enjoy it. We’ll never find someone that everyone likes but we can get someone that half the country doesn’t hate. Someone who understands what the job entails and can fill a stadium just by being there. We need to draft Michelle. We have to make her believe.