The 2nd Amendment



Our Founding Fathers sacrificed their sacred honor, fortunes, and lives to provide Americans with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that gave us our 2nd Amendment.

That amendment reads that the people, not the Militia, have a right to keep and bear arms “which shall not be infringed,” because the Founders understood only the threat of an armed citizenry would keep power seeking politicians in awe.

Noah Webster’s dictionary defines “infringement” as violating, neglecting to obey, or destroying a law. The president, elected officials, and law enforcement take an oath and swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and the laws of the U.S. against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Those refusing to take the oath forfeit their office, and those who take the oath and violate it should be tried for treason.

California’s Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell submitted a bill on May 21, 2018 banning Americans from owning semi-automatic rifles, threatening criminal prosecution and confiscation for those who refuse to comply with the mandatory buy back, even though those firearms were responsible for only 3 percent of homicides compared to 65 percent with handguns.

Swalwell said it’s ludicrous for citizens to claim that those weapons are indispensable in preventing government oppression. The Rasmussen Reports’ poll showed only 20 percent trusted the federal government most of the time, and only 4 percent, just about always trusted the feds.

Recently, a gun rights enthusiast wrote Swalwell’s gun control program would result in a civil war. He replied in an USA Today newspaper op-ed that the government had nukes and they could incinerate those who failed to comply. Gun owners should take his threat seriously for our government shot, gassed, and incinerated 82, men, women and children at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, in 1993, for “alleged” firearm violations.

Swalwell and his anti-gun henchmen should heed James Madison’s warning when he said, “If the government violates the people’s Constitutional rights, they should protest, refuse to comply, then the government will be unable to enforce unjust laws, and the states will have to protect the people’s Constitutional rights through legislation, or face civil unrest.”

If the people-controllers believe they can confiscate 16 million semi-automatic rifles from some of the 100 million gun owners who possess them for protection against criminals and politicians with dictatorial ambitions, they should recall approximately 100,000 loyalists, “wealthy landlords and educated elitists,” who supported British’s confiscation of the Colonists’ firearms and opposed their independence, fled to Canada and England for their safety during and after the Revolutionary War.