ACA, Trump, our government


Lock Haven

If over all the years the Republicans would have just worked with Democrats, this all could have been settled. No, from the very beginning they have fought and wasted MILLIONS of dollars trying to destroy it. I, for one, didn’t like everything about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially the fines if no insurance, but it was a beginning that should have been expanded on and made better by cooperation among our so-called elected representatives.

Because it was brought about by President Obama, Republicans just want to destroy everything he accomplished or tried to accomplish during his presidency.

Politics has become a do anything, say anything to retain their power.

This goes for all parties.

In my opinion, Americans no longer have representation or a voice in our government.

We just have a bunch of people who lie, steal and cheat us at every turn.

If you aren’t wealthy, a huge contributor, a relative or close friend or lobbyist, forget it.

It’s time we took back the power and unite to fight the injustices our so called leaders inflict upon us. Let’s get past our differences and unit as American citizens to tell them “NO MORE.”

As a United America, we can all get what we want from our government. You want to keep your guns. We want a bit more gun safety laws. I am sure we can work together on a compromise that we can all be happy about. No NRA, lobbyists, etc. telling us what is or is not the law or needs of each of us.

We know better what it is we want and need than any of them. None of the scare tactics used by all of them to get us to listen to them and only them. They don’t want to lose that power over us.

Health care reform can be worked out directly with the pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, etc. by panels of experts not associated with either of these associations. You don’t have to be a doctor, pharmacist, hospital administrator or insurance agent to know what is needed. We just need cooperation and some give from the entire system that dictates how much a pill is going to cost or how much a doctor will charge for a certain procedure. Everyone can still make plenty of money but not excessive like it is now.

Hire more border agents. No need for a wall. You then have life sustaining jobs for a lot of people and still have a more secure border. This in turn increases the tax base and more money to be spent, helping many businesses to thrive.

Abortion issues. Now that’s a hard one. But as a civilized nation, I am sure something could be worked out. Again, all the special interest groups, lobbyists, etc. are out of the loop in the discussions. We need people with common sense and open minds in order to come to a compromise that makes everyone or most everyone feel like it’s a good deal.

Religions conflicts with our constitution and laws. Our forefathers had a good reason for separation of church and state. We need to get back to that. Religion has “NO PLACE” in government when it comes to making laws. I believe prayer should be in schools. And only if the person wants to pray. If not, arrangements could be made. Same in government meetings or whatever. COMPROMISE!

So many things wrong with our country could be corrected if we just had civil communication on how to deal with those wrongs. We need to get the special interest groups, big corp., religion, lobbyists, etc. out of the running of our government.

“We The People” need to get involved and be the governing force behind elected officials and working directly with them for the compromises we need in keeping our country free and the envy of the world.

We must find the love and compassion in our hearts that helped make us what we are today.

The richest, most powerful country on earth.