Let’s showcase our community


Lock Haven

Every Saturday, The Express features a section called “Susquehanna Sunrise.”

The front page of that usually features a special story of an individual, family or organization. The feature is usually a feel-good story or bringing awareness to an issue impacting our community.

I was disappointed to see that the Jan. 5-6 edition featured an above-the-fold feature on elementary students in West Texas and a below-the-fold story on “What to watch for at this Sunday’s Golden Globes.”

There are so many great and meaningful things going on in this community. Why do we have to print these things in this section? One only has to go as far as Facebook to see upcoming events in our area. If that isn’t your thing, check out the listings from the Clinton County Economic Partnership.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the article was fantastic and I always like to see young people doing well in this world, but I bet there were some really great things going on in our local schools over the past few weeks.

If the paper won’t make it a priority, then we must. Please share your good news and impactful stories with them. Even at the bottom of that page, in big bold red print, the Express urges readers to send news and photos to them through their website. Make sure they have the information needed to do a great feature! Let’s not be afraid to showcase the good things in our community.

(Editor’s Note: Thank you for your suggestion and enthusiasm! We love it and we appreciate your readership! For context, virtually every weekend you’ll read special features in The Express’ Susquehanna Sunrise section about local people, places and things, including wonderful color photos. At the two-week Christmas and New Year’s Holiday, many of our staff take time off to spend time with their families, thus reducing our local content post-holiday.)