New Year’s Revolution


Mill Hall

Bricks through windows are a great metaphor, but that’s a trap.

Street fights and riots are contests they create for you to fight in as a different layer of the war being waged against you from the black father lying dead in his own home for no reason to the dead kids lying under rubble somewhere in Yemen.

There is no World War III coming. It’s been the same fight going on underneath your privileged nose being fought by the poor of the Third World and on the streets in the neighborhoods you now gentrify, which is just a fancy new word for ethnic genocide in the land of the free for them.

Too much honesty?

Just wait until your apathy leads you to an awakening forced upon your eyes by the flames of this Hell reaching out to burn you as the walls of privilege close in on those few who will be the human shield between the poor and the ultra wealthy pointed at each other like loaded guns.

Here we stand at the gates of Heaven and the patriarchal dragon sits at the entrance like an ancient guardian long awaiting this final battle for the future.

Fight within your own narrative and don’t play someone else’s game.

These capitalists know we are coming and they are playing for keeps, or have you forgotten what they did the last time around?

Learn your lessons from history and fight in creative ways they don’t spoon feed you.

Grab onto your heart and slay the dragon with the only weapon that can end its rule of terror: You.

Let’s end the patriarchy and then burn their throne.

Show them the kind of revolution they never saw coming.

Pssst … these abusive jerks have like no new tricks. This will be fun and easy if you just let go of their world for the new one we can build together.

I see it. Do you?