Our red flag laws



Our radical Democrats, susceptible Republicans, and even President Trump should familiarize themselves with the Declaration of Independence, and understand why the Founders declared Independence from England in 1776. They patiently accepted England’s Authoritarian decrees for years, the Proclamation Act, Quartering Act, Stamp Act, Tea Act, and the Intolerable Acts, until finally they rebelled, when King George attempted to confiscate their firearms and subdue them under absolute despotism.

Today, Americans in 13 States are already experiencing abuses and usurpations against the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments to our Bill of rights under the Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws, or Risk Protective Orders.

This unconstitutional law allows law enforcement officers to confiscate an individuals firearms if they’re presumed a threat to themselves or others, by an order of a judge in a secret court without a hearing and in the absence of a Doctors analysis.

In Maryland at 5:17 AM the police knocked on the door of Gary Willis to serve a court order mandating he turn over his firearms after his sister filed a protective order against him. He awoke, was irked, and opened the door with a gun in his hand. He was shot by the police before being charged with a crime, and received no trial before a jury to plead his innocence. In Florida 23 guns were seized and Fox News reported 450 more have been ordered to give up their firearms under the new law. This is a dangerous scenario for it puts both law enforcement personnel and law-abiding gun owners in danger when an innocent person has no opportunity to plead his case in court regarding the alleged charges.

This law infringes on the 2nd Amendment when an individual’s Constitutional right is violated, on the 4th Amendment with an unreasonable search and seizure of his firearms, and on the 5th Amendment when he is deprived of his guns without due process of law, and finally the 14th Amendment, which forbids the states from depriving a person of his weapons without due process under the law.

Where in our Constitution does it give our servants the “Politicians” – their power to violate their oath, assume powers never delegated to them, and suspend and violate the 2nd Amendment, which clearly states it shall not be infringed? The Founders understood King George 3rd and his Parliament were the tyrants in 1776 and they declared independence from this English government. They understood absolute power corrupts and tyranny might rise in America, so they gave us the 2nd Amendment to prevent it.

Never forget! When governments fear the people, there is “liberty.” When the people fear the government, there is “tyranny.”

Americans, let’s keep our guns and preserve our liberty.