The Trump capitulation



To capitulate is the act of ceasing to resist an opponent. To give up or give in.

In other words – surrender. President Trump’s recent announcement that US troops will be leaving Syria is a living example of this. He says ISIS is defeated.

Most, if not all, experts agree this is a very premature view. ISIS has not been defeated. They have merely withdrawn from the battlefield temporarily. Even our long standing Israeli allies have declared this as an American surrender.

During the past several years ISIS has managed to loot, confiscate and accumulate over $400 million dollars from Syrian and Iraqi banks in territory the previously occupied.

Money to be used for their next acts of terror. Either in the Middle East or on U.S. soil.

Who is the winner in the vacuum left by the U.S. withdrawal? Guess who? Putin and Russia of course.

“Donald is right” stated Putin. Those that were once U.S. allies in the Gulf (Turkey, the U.A.E and Bahrain) are now beginning to lean toward Syria and Iran (and thus Russia) to re-establish relationships. They recognize that American influence and power is waning and being replaced by Russia.

Trump once again ceding to Putin, either by ignorance or a wink and a nod. Putin is slowly expanding the Russian footprint across many maps. He is the real “dealmaker” and Trump is his puppet.

President Obama once said that ISIS was the “junior varsity.” He was proven disastrously wrong. Trump is walking the same tightrope if he believes ISIS has been defeated. He owns it now – unless it goes badly. Then he will find someone else to blame.