Be grateful and earn it



As I watched the snow coming down and so many people complaining on TV, I kept thinking about what I’ve always said: We live in Pennsylvania, you take what you get and live with it or go to another state to live. I have lived all over the country and we always came back to live in Pennsylvania because we enjoy having four seasons. Even though I can’t get out and shovel the snow anymore, I still enjoy watching it.

There is so much to love in our state that there should be no complaints, but there are people who think it’s too cold, too hot or too rainy. We should be grateful we live in the country we do, the beautiful areas everywhere, and most of us having enough to eat and a place to rest our heads. We have police and military to protect us and we are better off than most countries.

Everyone is up in arms about the wall. I don’t approve of it but we have to do something to let people know they will have to make it to our country the same way our forefathers did – by hard work, families taking care of each other, and earning it over generations.