Give me a break


Cogan Station

There’s an old story about a farmer who’s cow had a calf, and every day the farmer would go out and lift the calf above his head, as time passed the farmer found himself picking up a full grown bull.

This is the kind of bull I found myself thinking of, when I read the article that appeared in Wed. Jan 30 S.G. titled “Wolf calls for tougher gun laws after synagogue shooting”.

Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, has long supported a wide range of gun control laws and went on to state that; not just synagogues are at risk but churches, mosques, movie theaters, concert halls and colleges are too. Well Gov. Wolf, for your information, all of the above venues are, for the most part, considered “Gun Free Zones” (G.F.Z.).

Perhaps if just one of the victims at the Pittsburgh synagogue, where 11 people were slaughtered, had been armed– this tragedy could have been avoided.

Instead of punishing law-abiding citizens by limiting their second amendment rights the Governor should stop being so “Pollyannish” about G.F.Z. The only thing they offer to their attendees is an opportunity to fill a vacancy at a local centenary.

Any reasonable person who possesses a half ounce of brains, knows that all the “Anti-Gun Laws” in the world has no affect on those who use them to perpetrate a violent act. The only thing these laws achieve is to provide more defenseless victims. But then, it appears that, the Democratic leadership in this country thrives on “victimhood.”