God help us



As I went to bed one night again worrying about the world – and not just the United States but our humanity at large – I had the most profound dream that I’ve ever had in my life.

In this dream, I walked into a very bright room. In the middle was a long black table and on each end sat a man. At one end sat a white man and at the other end sat a black man.

As I walked slowly with my palms facing toward the ceiling and my hands out slightly to my side, I asked this question: Why can’t you both get along? Neither answered. I said to them there is nothing but pride standing in their way and when they leave the room why not come up with an idea where each race comes up with their pride intact?

My dream ended, but isn’t human harmony what our country and world should be all about?

It is really sad to imagine that pride and monetary gain are the only hope we apparently have.

What are we teaching our children? Why not work to harness our childrens’ dreams for a better world, a better environment, no more abuse, more respect and more care for our elderly, and our military men and women?