Government control



Do you remember history?

A quick refresher: Prohibition. In this case a result of federal action to stop the sale of alcohol.

Did it reduce drinking?

If you think so let me tell you about the “speak easy.” Both sides of my family extended income through wine making and beer making for sale over the backyard fence.

Let us take this one more step: It’s called a “State Store.” Strict hours. Limited Sunday sales and age control for buying. The state reasons that the taxes earned will provide for the damage by alcoholic drinkers.

But the government controlling behavior is impossible.

Now, with governments’ infinite wisdom to generate more money by increasing our taxes, take heed: The sale of cannabis (marijuana) may not be far off.

Like alcohol, increasing cost factors for negative use of cannabis will occur.

At this point, advocates will shout out opposition of cannabis; these shouts will be considered positive endorsement.

There are figures from the first four states of negative behavior.

Is mental health impacted by smoking or ingesting pot? Does anyone know?

An example of cost cutting in our state has been the reduction of treatment of our mentally ill and the mentally challenged. As a result of this, there has been a growth of small institutions in many communities.

Let me say that not all these community settings are negative.

Remember history, China had many opium houses.

Does China still have these opium houses? Are we going the direction of China, or have we opened the door to overdosing for a shot of Narcan?

You be the judge.