My hopes for 2019



I hope we take the first step toward universal health care by allowing people over 55 to voluntarily become eligible for Medicare, everyone to be able to choose a Public Option on the Accountable Care Act Exchanges, and Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies.

I hope that all attempts to kill Obamacare will be through legislation and not through obstruction and sabotage.

I hope a massive infrastructure bill is enacted that sets us on a path to having the best infrastructure in the world, and that the effort produces millions of good-paying jobs; further, that the legislation is not simply a fig leaf for purposeful privatization of public funds.

I hope the entire federal government’s resources go into a coordinated effort to protect the country from foreign attacks on our vital government, infrastructure, business and election/information systems required to maintain a sovereign and democratic country.

I hope the Mueller investigation is completed. I hope the evidence Mueller presents to the Attorney General is released to Congress and the public in unredacted form (except for truly classified information).

I hope the evidence in the Mueller report is either so weak that Democrats will be unwilling to start impeachment proceedings or is so compelling that leading Republicans are the first to call for the impeachment of the President.

I hope the Democratic House restricts its investigations into the Trump administration to areas which, left unexamined, would constitute congressional dereliction of duty.

I hope the immigration debate is no longer dominated by the 14% who espouse open borders, the 11% who favor massive deportation and the 17% who FOX News reports oppose a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

I hope for a miracle that ends this country’s being divided into two camps, with each considering their own set of contradicting “facts” as absolute truth.

I hope we witness the first day of sincere political endeavor that will begin restoration of order to the existing chaos.

I hope President Trump miraculously becomes the greatest President he already thinks he is, or if not, has but a few days left as president before another takes his office.

I hope voters will not let the perfect but unachievable ideal keep us from attaining reasonable goals (for example, Democrats: Rather than “free college for all”, instead promote a sliding scale, means-tested, government-sponsored college subsidy ranging from 0 to 100% for academically qualified students).

I hope we regain the “Soul of America”, and the name of “the United States of America” again becomes an accurate description of who we are as a country.

Most of all, I hope we begin trying to avoid the worst effects of the global warming tipping point we have already crossed. My hopes are not high.