Perverting Democracy



Democrats have come out against voter ID on the grounds that a few poor and presumably, black, voters would be disenfranchised, but they have no problem with disenfranchising whole states full of voters.

Sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants, are designed to do just that.

It has been estimated that illegals in California alone give that state nine additional Congressional representatives and electoral votes, effectively nullifying the votes of all of the citizens of three of our smaller states in Presidential elections and eight of the smallest states in the House of Representatives.

If you’d like to bring it closer to home, that’s half of the people in the state of Pennsylvania who aren’t being represented because of sanctuary policies in California.

When you add sanctuary states like New York and Illinois and sanctuary cities all over the country to the mix that’s a lot of disenfranchised voters.

If you’ve ever wondered why these states protect even the worst criminals, now you know.

It’s all about power, and it’s being purchased at the expense of their own citizen’s safety and at the expense of citizens’ voting rights in the rest of the country.

Progressives are now fighting to ensure that the 2020 census does not include a question about citizenship because it could lead to them losing this unfair advantage over the rest of us.

I wonder how many of our local Progressives will stand up for the rights of the people of this country to be fairly represented, even though it might put them at odds with the big city Progressives who set their agenda.