Where’s the news?


Lock Haven

I may have missed this and if I did I apologize to the The Express. Where are the articles on Gov. Cuomo of New York and Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia on their approvals of aborting babies that are carried to term? Where’s the articles on the people coming to our country illegally?

I see tons of articles every day on Trump, his lies, his collusion with Russia, his division of our country, the things he eats, the way he wears his hair, the places he goes, his tweets, the way he walks, the way he talks to the people reporting the news and everything else he does. I saw an big article on Kamala Harris stating the division in our country is the results on Trump.

Having said all that I will voice my opinion and I’m sure I’ll get tons of backlash. When it’s ok to murder babies in their final month or making them comfortable while the doctor and the mother discusses whether to murder them or not is just plain sick. The Socialism is coming to light in our country. The paper won’t even print the stories that are important to us, it’s all about the lying bully that sits his fat a** in the oval office.

We know everyone hates him. We also know that to keep the hatred going you must keep him in the news. However, there are stories that aren’t being covered (socialism in the making) and it’s not only sad, it’s scary. It’s sad because you, as a news outlet aren’t allowing all facts to be published so people can draw their own conclusions. You just keep printing stories to keep the hatred going. It’s scary because the many people in the Democratic Party have turned to Socialism. Senator Kamala Harris is a prime example, as is Cuomo and Northam.

The Democrats are saying there’s no problem at the border when there are thousands upon thousands of illegals at the Mexican border tying to get into our country. It’s time The Express and other news outlets suck it up and print what is actually going on in our country. We all know what Trump is like and we all know that most people hate him and trust me when I say the people don’t need reminded every minute of every day what Trump is like.

Oh and one more thing, Trump did not cause the division. The division was started long before he decided to throw his hat in the ring. I hope there’s more people out there that are against what is happening to babies and to our country than there are that approve of killing babies and living in a socialist country.