Why does everyone want to be a war veteran?


White Hall

I recently read an obituary where the person was said to have been in the military and served “during the Vietnam War?”

But he wasn’t stationed there, so why mention it?

Then you see people wearing Vietnam Veteran hats and a lot of the times, if you talk to them, you find they weren’t really Vietnam Veterans but served during that time frame.

This makes them Vietnam Era Veterans!

You also have the Navy guys that served on ships in the Gulf and never got near the fighting in Vietnam, unless they were air crew or pilots. They have the Vietnam Veteran hats, license plates and want to be recognized as “being there.”

They were in a boat in the ocean not the jungle or the skies above it getting shot at!

There are Brown Water Navy Veterans who actually did serve in that country on patrol boats and others that supported them and were stationed there.

There are even people who went into the inactive National Guard and Reserves at the time and still want to be called Vietnam Era Veterans to let their future generations think they served in Vietnam. If you didn’t go to Vietnam in the first place or were never sent there, you should not try to let people think you were there.