‘You lie!’



In his State of the Union speech, Donald J. Trump repeated his frequently-repeated public falsehood that protecting patients with pre-existing conditions is a “major priority.” of his. Republicans responded with hearty approval.

For years, including the first two years of the Trump presidency, the GOP has supported legislative efforts to repeal Affordable Care Act’s provisions which would have eliminated the guarantee of affordable insurance for those with pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and a host of others.

Neither the Trump White House nor GOP leaders have ever proposed alternative legislation that would offer those with pre-existing conditions the protections that Obamacare provides.

In fact, Trumpcare, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) of 2017 would have allowed insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions higher rates than others and thereby make coverage unaffordable for them..

On June 7, 2018, after having failed to pass the AHCA, the Trump administration told a federal court that it would no longer defend the crucial provisions of the Affordable Care Act that protect consumers who have pre-existing medical conditions.

The above assertion is the appalling truth, proclaimed at the very moment Trump was telling the nation and the world that protecting pre-existing conditions was a priority for him.

What’s more, Republicans openly supported by the President, are currently fighting in the Fifth Circuit Court to have protections for people with pre-existing conditions declared unconstitutional.

If they lose there, they’re prepared to bring the case to the Supreme Court.

When Trump repeated his blatant, bold-faced lie yet again last Tuesday night, Republican legislators who had voted over 50 times to repeal pre-existing condition protections, endorsed the lie by rewarding him with a standing ovation.

In September 2009, South Carolina Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson shouted, “You lie” during President Obama’s health care speech to Congress when Obama denied that his proposed health care legislation would provide free health coverage for illegal immigrants.

In fact, Wilson’s shocking outburst was actually the lie; the President was telling the truth.

Imagine if Democratic legislators had impulsively behaved like Congressman Wilson did after every untruth Trump uttered during his State of the Union speech. If that had occurred, we would be debating whether cries of “You lie” outnumbered the Republican jack-in-the-box standing ovations for the leader they don’t love but deeply fear.

Their obsequious sycophancy is now memorialized on video for their descendants to witness.