Abortion issues



Several letters expressing outrage over the recent abortion laws passed by a couple of states. The abortion laws in New York were already the most liberal laws on the books. They just made it even easier.

A recent published study by a Rutgers University professor has found the more Republicans try to reduce the number of abortions the more abortion numbers increase. The study focused on the global gag order on health organzations that provide or even talk about abortion will lose funding from the United States.

The lack of funds results in cuts to staffing, money for contraceptives, family planning, sex education, pre-natal care, health check-ups, fighting the Zika virus, STDs, AIDS and HIV, health centers closing and more. The result is an increase in unintended pregnancies and the desire to end them any way a woman can even illegally. The professor found an increase in abortions in South African nations and Latin America nations she found no change in the Middle East or Asian nations. This was when President Bush after President Clinton reissued the Global Gag rule on abortion. Democratic Presidents undo the rule and Republican Presidents reinstate it. President Trump’s new rule goes farther than President Bush’s.

The harder Republicans try to end abortions the more likely a woman will try to get one because it isn’t just an abortion that is being denied, so are other measures related to a woman’s reproductive health.

Republicans are making the abortion issue worse, not better. They are just using anti abortion rhetoric to get votes for Republicans. They are not solving the problem. A woman that does not want to go through with a pregnancy, no matter the reason, will find a way to end it. You are not saving a life, you are ruining lives.