Accept fact of life: Deer herd decreasing



With the recent outbreak of chronic wasting disease in our resident Pennsylvania deer populations, barroom biology and political meddling is running rampant.

This diatribe of unrelenting criticisms directed at our professional wildlife agencies is both unfair and counterproductive. Plant and animal diseases were present since the beginning of time. They are nature’s method of balancing out-of-control or overaggressive vegetation and wildlife populations.

It is comical to witness that the very people and organizations demanding high deer populations — that created the environment for CWD to proliferate in our state — are the same individuals who now have all of the deer management answers.

We can look to the professionals for a manageable solution to the CWD crisis, or we can allow mother nature to resolve this problem for us.

One way or the other, sportsmen need to brace themselves for the fact that our deer populations are decreasing.

Nature will prevail. She always does.