Speed limits and illiteracy


Vienna, Va.

When you drive, do you ever feel like there is illiteracy all around you?

Is it only you who sees actual numbers posted on the metal signs that say “Speed Limit,” or is it that others only see a question mark?

In Virginia and nearby states, there is a shortage of state police troopers, and though I reached out to all the legislators to help with their pay compression issues, I only had 10 responses. And only two of the10 followed through and I did not get a response back from the Office of the Director Public Safety when questioned about it.

One response was there is a big pot of money that many are lobbying for.

This is one of the many battles that face those who enforce our laws.

In residential neighborhoods, the posted speed is 25 miles per hour mostly. I marvel at drivers ability to transpose that into seeing the 5 first and the 2 second. When people like this see a speed bump, it is almost like they picture themselves on snow skis coming upon a mogul and see it as an opportunity to catch some air. The times when the wonderful color of blue lights and sirens are part of their audience is always encouraging

Surely the best solution for the “illiteracy” problem is Blue Lights and Sirens. Maybe to assist, we go to governors on engines to control the maximum speed. The problem though is you’d have to have a variable governor that would have artificial intelligence and eyes to read the signs and then adjust the speed control accordingly. I applaud the Law Enforcement community of their challenging task. Often, it seems like it is similar to going fishing in a trout pond; so many to choose from.

Maybe a solution would be to require individuals who get a speeding ticket to go back to school, preferably elementary level, and taught by our wonderful teachers. They should also have a 2nd course on reading comprehension to assure they understand what the words on the metal sign actually mean. Maybe start with something like this, “You see, there is a posted metal sign that has the words ‘Speed Limit’ followed by numbers. When you match the numbers on the sign to a thing in your car called a ‘Speed Odometer’, you will be complying with a unique thing called the ‘Law’.”