To the ‘offended and confused’


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Megan Leab (Feb. 16 letter to the editor) feels that abortion is only a religious issue.

I feel it goes way beyond religion and is a moral issue.

We have laws in place that say it is wrong to murder and wrong to steal.

These laws are also in the Bible, but that doesn’t make them religious rules.

They are moral rules.

These same people who think it’s fine for an 8 month-old preborn little baby to be torn limb from limb will cry when they hear of a puppy being tortured.

These same people who think nothing of killing a tiny baby at 12 weeks (the same baby whose heart beat elevates and tries to get away from the suctioning tool) are extremely upset about the children being separated from their parents who enter the country illegally.

Most of the abortions performed are not medically necessary, they are done because the coming child will be an inconvenience or they use abortion as their back up birth control.

There are thousands of couples waiting to adopt.

Why not have the child and let someone who desperately wants a baby adopt it. If we get desensitized to the killing of these most vulnerable little ones, what’s next? Let’s kill that old person when they get to the point where they are a drain on the health care system? Let’s kill that child that is born with disabilities – after all, we are already doing that when we find that they are imperfect in the womb. These little babies are worth more then puppies, these babies are our future. Have we aborted the one that will find a cure for cancer or the one that will be a great leader someday?

This is not a religious issue – it is a heart issue. Where is your heart?