Trump trying to help our nation’s truckers



Walking slowly with a cup of coffee in one hand and the other stuffed into his pocket, a tired just-got-up look over his face describes the morning of our nation’s truck driver.

They’re everywhere, from as far east to west as you can imagine. Some of the trucks are as nice as can be, with all the conveniences of home. Others are clean with good tires hopefully maintained enough for the next trip.

The work of a truck driver is a job that not a lot of people are cut out to do. They leave home for days, even months, sleeping in a 36-inch bunk waiting for their dispatcher to get them a load to deliver and another to get them home.

Making sure a load gets to its destination sounds simple, but they’re a lot of things to consider. Your truck needs to be in good running condition, hoping there are no breakdowns because one of those could be the cost of the trip’s revenue.

Hours mean nothing for a trucker. Miles are their time — 100 down, 100 to go.

Being out on the road can be a lonely life, making a trip to anywhere U.S.A. that a driver must love. The adventure of seeing what’s over the next hill may leave them breathless.

Coming to a city, wondering what the person is doing on the street at 2 a.m.

Then you run into construction, one lane road for miles, detours through country roads, hoping to make the delivery on time.

Their mind has many thoughts — starting with hoping to make enough income to pay the bills in order for his or her family to make a decent living, missing so much quality time with them, wondering if there is another load to haul.

This is what our president is trying to do for our nation’s willing, hard-working Americans: He’s trying to give our jobs back so we can have a decent wage to feed and cloth our families and live in a country of freedom with respect.

Let him do his job and make America great again.