Waste of time and money



Let me get this straight. As a businessman, Donald Trump is being accused of “collusion” because he wanted to bring his brand to Russia.

What about McDonald’s, Hilton, Raddison, Goldman Sachs and many other American brands that are located in Russia? Should they not also be investigated for improper interaction with Russia?

The lefties are so filled with hate for our duly-elected President that they are blinded and hellbent on pursuing ghosts and unsubstantiated accusations against a man who is dedicated to bringing the U.S.A. back to its once prominent position, a position that was greatly degraded by his predecessor who I say bent over backward to foreign governments and influence.

These people should self-examine their own actions and those of their political party before interfering needlessly with the work of our current President.

There are many pressing issues that need to be addressed for the good of the country and its citizens rather than wasting time and money on needless and worthless “investigations.”

Wake up America!

Let’s get working on the many needs to improve our infrastructure, repair our broken immigration policies, fight drug infiltration into America, punish those providing sanctuary to illegal invaders, and provide support for our law enforcement agencies who are diligently fighting to keep us safe. Our needs are great and our resources are limited.

Wasting effort, money, and energy just to “get even” because their candidate lost the election and can’t accept the fact that they lost is an egregious dereliction of their sworn duties.