We are lucky



As I sat reading letters to the editor in The (Lock Haven) Express and the numerous complaints about how this or that should be, I ask myself: Are we walking in the light of God and do we really know where we will end up after our earthly existences?

For me, I pray to go to my heavenly home. Then I ask myself: Have I walked in the light of God’s laws? Love. Forgiveness. Hope. Faith.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Is there room for improvement? That’s a big yes.

Have you ever listened to a person’s rage about this or that and wondered where it is really is coming from?

Are we capable of looking deeper and give hope where there is no hope? It is from fear? Or perhaps a past experience of hurt that you cannot overcome. Do you realize that it will be God’s judgment, not ours?

Life is a classroom where we are given free choice. I believe how we handle ourselves here will determine where we go. Please everyone, let’s do a much better job here toward our fellow human beings.

On the subject of our president, Mr. Trump is the first U.S. president ever to use Twitter as a jumping off point to Americans so far as I know. But he makes us look rather silly, doesn’t he? I wonder what other countries are thinking of us? Mr. Tump’s mouth runs amuck on Twitter. Perhaps one day, as we sit among the rubbles of a once great nation, we can tell our children that once upon a time we had a mad president called Trump, the man who was always on this magically carpet ride called Twitter.